About Us

We have our humble beginning as a cottage industry in a small village situated in Kottayam.

Our co-founders Mr. .Saju Jose and Mrs. Laly Saju, an entrepreneur couple, started the venture In 1992. Mr. Saju Jose invented the formulation for strong natural latex –based adhesive after years Of research and testing. His passion for creating products far superior to those of competitors led to the invention of AcmeBond, which is widely used in industries for years now.

AcmeBond was widely marketed across Kerala and was an instant success. Over the years, we have Improved our product, distributed it across India and exported it to different countries.

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We have extended testing and formulating facilities with modern equipment and a well-trained workforce.

All the equipment and research methodology used in our facility adheres to international standards. We believe in consistent improvement in all over products. We keep iterating our existing product in labs to improve its performance, giving us an edge over our competitors.

AcmeBond and Masterbatch are the results of years of research and development by our founder Mr. Saju Jose and its team. It has led to revolutionary products like MasterBatch that can potentially change the Tyre manufacturing industry in the foreseeable future.

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AcmeBond is a green and sustainably formulated natural rubber latex adhesive with wide usage In the footwear & packaging industry for bonding leather, rubber, rexine, wood, plywood, wallpaper, Packages, sun mica & other laminates. We are one of the most trusted natural rubber latex adhesive brands by industry peers across different verticals.

Available Grades of AcmeBond

AcmeBond is available in different grades with many uses in industries. The grade of the AcmeBond differs depending on the percentage of solid content in the adhesive.

  • Super Sona 1st grade

  • Nova 2nd grade

  • Dyna 3rd grade

  • Gluetex 4th grade

  • Giuset 5th grade